Learn about different seeds for birds

Seeds, along with other foods such as fruits and vegetables, are a fundamental part of the bird's diet. If you have a bird as a pet, you are dedicated to its breeding or simply want to learn more about birds, in this article we give you some information that will let you know more about the seeds for birds.

You must bear in mind that each bird is different and that, likewise, there are several types of seeds for birds, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate ones in order to feed them be optimal and your life healthy.

According to its species, birds should consume a specific type of seed or combinations of these. In veterinarians and specialized stores You will find a variety of seeds to choose the one your bird needs, according to its characteristics, type and conditions. It must be taken into account that the nutrients of each seed are different.

To know the type of seed that each bird needs, the first thing is to know the needs of each species. For example, canaries can only be fed with seeds. However, other birds such as parrots or pigeons need pieces of vegetables and fruits so that their feeding is complete and balanced.

 Homemade food for your parrot

Type of seed for birds

According to experts, these are the types of seeds for birds and their composition :

  • Birdseed: strong> oval shaped, bright yellow and pointed. It's what all birds eat to feed and also as entertainment. They have little fat and a high starch content.
  • Millet : The shape is rounded and easy to recognize. It is indispensable in the feeding of birds of small size like the parakeets , although the biggest ones usually ignore it. During the breeding stage it is possible that many birds reject this seed, in which case it would be necessary to resort to the panizo.
  • Sunflower : There are three types of seeds, which are white, listed and black. The granivorous birds prefer the small ones, while the psittacines prefer the white ones. They are the favorite food of domestic poultry. However, you have to control the amount very much, since they have a high fat content that usually produces overweight, especially if the bird does not leave much of the cage to exercise.
  • Hemp: If you want to give your bird the best hemp seed, choose the one that has a grayish-bronze color, with a light greenish touch. Thanks to its high content of oils and vitamin E, is a perfect food for canaries , especially if you have them for breeding.
  • Flax: is the perfect food to make the plumage of birds shine like never before. Especially, is a type of seed that must be given to the bird when it is in its time of change of feathers.
  • Poppy: > It is easy to recognize because it has a kidney shape. Generally, almost all birds, especially small granivorous species, like it.
  • Oatmeal: an excellent choice for birds that are in the process of breeding, since they are easy to digest.Therefore, you must choose them very well, according to the type of bird in question. Each species has different tastes and preferences. Remember these recommendations to know which is the right seed for your bird:
    • Cardinals, small or large finches and finches prefer sunflower seeds with black skins. For their part, small finches also like sunflower seeds and the thistles.
    • Other birds such as chickadees, tits, climbers and woodpeckers prefer black-shelled sunflower seeds and peeled peanuts, cut in half.
    • To birds that feed on the ground, such as reeds, sparrows , the scrapers and pigeons, like to feed on common millet.
    • There are other birds, like hummingbirds that, more than seeds, prefer nectar there are in these.
    • In any case, you must observe what is the behavior of the birds while s e feed. So you can find out what their preferences are and which seeds they like best and feel better.

    Birds are an excellent company. As pets they are very easy to own and maintain. Good nutrition is essential in their care, hence you have to know which seeds are better and more nutritious.